Soft Washing

Soft Washing is ideal for cleaning the paint on rendered surfaces and for use where it isn’t practical or possible to use pressure.

Soft Washing removes algae, lichen and growths from the paintwork without damaging the paint.

If you have noticed that your paintwork is looking a bit grubby – probably a bit greener than it was – then Soft Washing will remove most if not all of that discolouration.

Soft washing – the Gorilla way

A member of the Gorilla team will visit the property.

  • We carefully assess both the extent and types of growth present.
  • Different growths often have different colours.
  • Green is the most common – but you will also see red, brown, yellow and black depending on the situation and aspect of the property.
  • Once we know exactly what we are dealing with – and every property is different – we will provide you with a quote for the cleaning.
  • On your acceptance, we will book it into our schedule to be done.

All the work is done from the ground, so there is no need for scaffolding or even ladders except in unusual circumstances.

How it happens:

  • The growth on your paintwork will lessen the effective life of the paint.
  • Most properties benefit from a Soft Wash about once a year.
  • North facing walls and shaded areas are particularly prone to these growths.



When painting the exterior, painters should always providing a pre-painting Soft Wash as a part of their preparation.

If the growths are just painted over, they will continue to damage the paintwork from underneath and re-emerge in 12 to 24 months. If that happens, it is very difficult to treat as it is trapped behind the new paint.

We frequently provide this service for professional painting companies.

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