Roof cleaning and treatment

Go and have a look at your roof. If it isn’t looking its best, it won’t be performing at its best.

It does such an important job!

Start at the top

When you look at your roof you may see colourful patches of green, yellow or brown on the tiles. You might see lumps of moss growing happily away – none of that is designed to be there! Lichen, Algae, Mosses.

While the roof may well cope (for now) these growths will detract from the overall performance and life span of your roof.

We have cleaned and removed over one and a half tonnes of moss and debris from many roofs.

Ready – whatever the weather!

We will have a look at the state of your roof from the ground. Once we know what is growing up there, we put together an effective treatment plan for your roof.


The roof is given a light scraping to dislodge and remove as much as possible.


Then we treat with the appropriate chemicals to kill off any remaining spores. These disappear as the weather does the work. It also slows and inhibits any re-growth.


With regular follow up treatments, (usually about annually depending on the roof) your tiles will stay clean, damage from lichen, algae and moss can’t happen and your roof does its job.

Once your roof is sorted, it is much more cost effective to treat a roof regularly and keep it clean.

Key points:

Work is carried our safely at all times. Our long reach equipment mean much of it can be done from the ground or from the safety of our platform ladders.

  • Scaffolding or scaffolding towers are rarely required.
  • We never stand on the roof tiles so there is no risk of damage.
  • We always let you know of loose, broken, cracked or damaged tiles that we see.
  • Looking after your roof is one of the best investments you can make when maintaining your property.


We always clear your gutters after the roof clean.

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Prevention is much better than cure – especially when it comes to your roof.


  • Damage to tiles
  • Leaks
  • Blocked gutters


  • Performance
  • Life span
  • Appearance

Gorilla cleans and treats your roof. This helps to maximise its life and improves appearance.

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