Patio, Decking and Path Cleaning

Patio and path cleaning should be a part of regular property maintenance.

Not only does it improve appearance, it reduces the likelihood of slips and falls, maximises the life and minimises future maintenance requirements.


Get it all clean

Gorilla come and have a look on site and assess what is needed to get the best results.

  • We are happy to move garden furniture, pots and other items and replace them after the cleaning. You can do this yourself if you prefer.
  • We will provide you with a written quote. On acceptance, your job is planned into our diary.
  • On the day, we will need access to an outside tap.
  • Pets should be kept inside during the cleaning process. It is fine for them to go outside again as soon as the process is completed.

A few considerations:

Many home owners invest in beautiful stone and slabs to create their patios.

However, moss, lichen and algae will grow and along with day to day dirt, dull the colours and hide the beauty of that was intended.

The processes we use are designed to restore much if not all of the original appearance and beauty contained within the surfaces.

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