Lawn Care

The centre piece of many gardens lawns are often the most visible, most used and most neglected spaces we have. Grass is a tough plant and will put up with a lot of abuse.

But, with a little bit of know how it can look so much better as it flourishes and thrives.

Gorilla Lawn care brings lawns to life:

  • Gorilla will come and have a good look at your lawn.
  • A few questions will be necessary to understand your lawn and how you like to use it.
  • We identify any difficult areas – very shady areas, wet spots, poor growth for example.
  • Take soil samples if needed.
  • Improvements in lawn health, colour and attractiveness can be achieved fairly quickly.
  • Level and lush with perfectly rolled stripes ready for international croquet may take a bit longer – but it can be done!

We have never seen a lawn that can’t be improved.

Whatever your starting point, it is about enjoying the improvements as they happen.

And that is exactly what we do.

Five vital signs:

Good lawn care will include the following as needed:

  1. scarifying (or de-thatching) to remove dead grass and moss
  2. aeration (or coring) to reduce compaction and encourage growth
  3. over seeding for bare spots or troublesome patches
  4. weed management, top dressing and feeding to add the right nutrients
  5. regular mowing to suit the season and growth patterns

Supporting the vital signs with planned watering and you have a recipe for an improving lawn.

Give us a call today!

That lawn can almost certainly look better, grow better and feel better! Doing just a few of the right things can make huge difference to your lawn.

Call us today on 01395 20 22 18 and we will come and have a look.

Better than that, we will even tell you how it’s done! Grab the phone – let’s chat.