Tree Care & Surgery

The trees in your garden may provide well needed shade or screening, they do however, often require specialist work to ensure that they do not outgrow the garden or become a nuisance to neighbours.

Gorilla Grounds and gardens provided an annual cutting service to ensure trees are maintained and healthy, allowing them to live a long and happy life!

Gorilla arborists can help:

We can also provide removal services for trees that have not had regular maintenance and therefore have outgrown the garden or if you are looking for a total refresh on how your garden looks.

Gorilla have specialist arborists who are qualified to recommend the best course of action and will work according to safety standards. Our business is fully insured, please have a look in the about us section on the home page.

  • Gorilla will arrive with our specialist and discuss with you a plan of action
  • Provide a free of charge no obligation quote
  • Give options of what to do with the waste wood, we can remove this or chop it for you
  • We have testimonies from customers who we have completed tree work for

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