Pre-sale make overs

We give the outside a face lift and take it to another level. Maximise the first impressions and impact of your property.

Already on the market? No problem – we work quickly and efficiently to get that uncover that potential.


Estate agents refer to Kerb Appeal.

It’s all about those vital FIRST IMPRESSIONS. It can and often does make or break a sale.

If your property is going to compete well, the outside must look its best too. You wouldn’t show your home without it being clean, tidy and as appealing as possible inside.

Gorilla do exactly that for the outside.

A modest investment in a pre-sale makes a huge difference. Have buyers favour your property more often with a Gorilla make over. From the ridge to the roadside, Gorilla get your property looking its best.


Gorilla meet you at the property.

  • We identify the most important and biggest impact items with you.
  • With the list complete, it is sorted into priority order and costed item by item.
  • Your budget is allocated to get the best impact.
  • Gorilla gets the work done quickly and efficiently.

With the right plan and equipment, we can have it sorted and done in as little as one day.


The photographs of outside of your property must match what buyers see.

Once sorted, keeping it looking good is easier. Gorilla makes sure it stays looking good too.


  1. How do hard surfaces look? (Driveway, patio, paths). We make them look almost new again.
  2. Is paint on rendered surfaces clean – or a bit green and tired?
  3. Is the roof suffering under moss, algae and lichen?
  4. How about the exterior of gutters and soffits. Do they need a freshen up? Is all guttering working as it should?
  5. Does the lawn need attention? Patches fixing? Moss removing? Edges tidied?
  6. Any rubbish lying about that should be gone?
  7. Got a wobbly fence? Could it do with painting, staining or cleaning?
  8. Check your gates. All working well?
  9. Do borders and hedges? Need a sort out or a quick tidy? A bit overgrown?

Give us a call today!

It’s never too late to add appeal, charm and desirability to your property.


Buyers make decisions on property because it ‘feels right’. Make the call today.

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Get Gorilla to come and give you a quote – and this time next week your property could be looking 100% right, and buyers feeling it is right for them.