Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing is a key part of good lawn care. Mowing frequency should vary during the different seasons.

Mowing short – or scalping – creates lawn problems. Unless you are Wimbledon, Lords or managing a golf course, mowing short isn’t likely to be right for you.

Gorilla mowing plans include:

  1. Mowing regularly at the right height.
  2. Mowing to remove the top third of grass at most.
  3. Mowing the lawn in different directions where possible.
  4. Mowing to leave 2.5 to 3 inches of grass AFTER the mow.
  5. Mowing frequency adjusted to suit the season and weather conditions.

A quick assessment of your lawn is all it takes.

  • Clippings removed or added to your compost pile as you prefer
  • Regular scheduled service to suit your lawns requirements
  • From £20 per cut, Gorilla looks after mowing your lawn.
  • You won’t need a mower anymore!

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