A shed full of services to bring your garden to life.
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Gorilla will help you make the most of your space, however big or small.

Lawn mowing is a key part of lawn care. A quick assessment of your lawn is all it takes. Clippings removed or added to your compost pile as you prefer. Regular scheduled service. From £20 per cut, Gorilla looks after mowing your lawn. You won’t need a mower anymore!

Having lived with a garden, the way you want to use it changes over time. If the ‘football pitch’ isn’t needed can it become a favourite relaxing space? Maybe add a pergola, decking, hot tub gazebo, seating areas or outdoor dining to enhance your space. Adding privacy, increasing light, creating a sanctuary… just some of the ideas to consider.

Gutters perform a vital role on our buildings. When they fail, get blocked or just don’t perform well, it can be a sign of problems ahead. Gutters should be cleared out regularly, down pipes checked for blockages and drain covers cleared. In the next heavy shower of rain, have a look at your gutters. If you see water overflowing we highly recommend you get them checked.

Patio, decking and path cleaning should be a regular of property maintenance. Many homes have beautiful stone and slabs on their patios – hidden by moss, lichen and algae and day to day dirt. The processes Gorilla use are designed to restore much if not all of the original appearance and beauty contained within the surfaces.

Keeping hedges maintained improves hedge health, spots any problems early and enhances property appearance. Hedges serve different purposes. Ornamental, screening, boundary security, privacy, formal or informal and encouraging wildlife. We can help you with the right plan for each one.

Estate agents refer to 'kerb appea'l. It can make or break a sale. If your property is going on the market, the outside should look its best too. You wouldn’t show your home without it being clean, tidy and as appealing as possible inside. Gorilla do the same for the outside. When you get the Gorilla team in, it'll go a long way towards a sale!

Fence it and forget it is the way Gorilla works. It starts with using correctly specified materials along with good fence design. A site visit is vital so that the best solution for your situation is found. And EVERY Gorilla fence comes with a minimum of a 24 month no questions guarantee. Do it once, do it right.

When you look at your roof and see colourful patches of green, yellow or brown on the tiles lumps of moss or even plants you know it’s time to sort your roof! Lichen, Algae, Moss detract from the performance and life of your roof. We often remove over one and a half tonnes of moss and debris and then treat to inhibit regrowth.

If an area of grounds or garden is overgrown, Gorilla has the team for you. Extend your usable garden area, take out old plantings or get on top of the space available. And don’t worry – we have sorted spaces that were so overgrown you would have no idea there was even a garden there!

The centre piece for many, lawns are often the most visible, most used and most neglected garden spaces we have. Grass is a tough plant and will put up with a lot of abuse - but there is a limit! A little bit of know how and lawns can look so much better than they do. Healthier lawns are easier to maintain, need less treatments and are impacted less by extreme weather

Driveway cleaning should be a regular of property maintenance. It improves appearance and maximises the life while minimising on-going maintenance. Moss presents particular problems and can be slippery as well. Have it look better, make it safer and extend the life of your driveway all in one go with Gorilla.

Soft Washing is typically used to clean rendered surfaces. It’s a gentle process that improves appearance and removes algae, lichen and growths from the paintwork without damaging the paint. When you see paintwork looking a bit grubby – probably greener than it was – then Soft Washing is a great option.