Insurances, Licences and Qualifications

When you are paying someone to do work on your property, it is absolutely imperative that the right insurances, qualifications and licences are in place.

Without the right cover, training and certifications not only will it be extremely difficult to get anything sorted out if something goes wrong, but you could be liable in the event of an accident, damage to a neighbouring property or injury to the person on site.

As you would expect, we have all the correct cover, licences and qualifications for what we do.


Public Liability:                          £10 million

Contractor Indemnity:               £5 million     


Licenced to carry and properly dispose of waste generated from works carried out 


Licensed to use and spray pesticides and herbicides

(Any contractor who applies any pesticides in a professional or paid capacity must, by law, hold a certificate of competence. The certificate applies to the individual and not the business or its employees.)


If you feel that you need to make a formal complaint you can contact our team to do this. Please get in touch immediately with Marisa Whatley at or on 07564 762875 and we will do our very best to resolve the matter. We will commit to responding to all enquiries as soon as possible and always within 3 working days.

We take all complaints seriously. We will respond to complaints effectively and deal with them sensitively, fairly and thoroughly.