Best pricing guarantee

With Gorilla, every quote carries our Best Pricing Guarantee.

  1. Quotes (not vague estimates.)

Gorilla provide a written quote as many jobs as possible. This gives you certainty, confidence and transparency on price before you give the go-ahead. We NEVER charge more than the quote. Never.

  1. Important Details

Gorilla quotes detail the work to be done and the specifications for materials to be used. Other important details relevant to the job are included. We want you to be 100% happy before you give the go ahead for the work.

  1. On Site

Gorilla like to visit to see jobs first hand. You get our experience, knowledge and suggestions for your job straight away. You also get to meet us (which usually helps!) and know who you are dealing with.

  1. In Writing

Gorilla quotes are provided in writing by which ever means you prefer. Most quotes are sent to you electronically, but if you prefer it in the post, that’s no problem.

  1. Best Pricing = Best Value

Gorilla quotes are calculated based on the time, equipment, materials required to deliver a quality, value for money result. We are not aiming to be the cheapest. We don’t take short cuts. We recommend the use of quality materials.

  1. Time and Labour Jobs

When it is difficult to forecast exactly how long a job will take, work is carried out on a time and materials basis. This is necessary on about 5% of jobs we quote.

Best Pricing Guarantee - Summary

Gorilla Grounds and Gardens delivers results you are delighted with and we are proud of. We want you call us next time, recommend us to friends and find on going satisfaction with our work.

Our Best Pricing Guarantee helps this to happen.