From post and rail to a full height boundary fences that provide privacy and security, every property is different and needs the right fence for the situation. Fit for purpose.

Fence it and forget it

Using correctly specified materials with good fence design ensures the life of the fence is maximised. We use the ‘Fence it and forget it’ approach. Do it once, do it right.

The Gorilla approach to fool-proof fences:

Gorilla will visit your site to:

  • carefully measure
  • take photographs
  • identify obstacles or obstructions
  • check the ground
  • establish a fence plan
  • agree the exact position for your fence
  • make sure you get the very best value fence for your situation

We can speak with neighbours if you would like us to as well so they know to expect us there. A written quote will be provided for every fence. 

On acceptance, we agree the dates and schedule it in so we get the job done for you.

A few things to consider:

Safety and Security

Pets, children and the security of your property during all fencing works is considered. We have specific job management plans to minimise identified risks.

Give us a call today!

You may not notice the difference between a Gorilla built fence and any other one to start with. But it won’t take long!

If you aren’t in the mood to compromise on quality and workmanship – so your fence lasts as you would expect it should – then give us a call today and we will come and have a look.

Do It Once, Do It Right!

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