Annual Maintenance Plans (Gorilla Care Plans)

All properties and grounds benefit from regular and timely care and attention. Everyone knows what is going to get done and when.

Getting on top of things and then keeping it in order makes sense.

Do the jobs you enjoy - give us the rest!

The property always looks great with a Gorilla Care Plan in place. Nothing gets out of control. Those regular tasks you don’t want to be doing get taken care of.

Sit back and relax with your coffee, or a G&T perhaps, while we get on with the work. You will always know when we are going to be there – because it’s on the plan!

And – you will know who is doing it. That’s important too.


The weather impacts exactly what needs doing, how often and when. The plan gets amended to suit.

It’s so much easier to make adjustments to a plan than not to have a plan at all!

Easy Payments

With the plan and pricing agreed, a monthly direct debit or automatic payment can be set up with equal payments if that suits you. Now it’s all under control, properly managed and you can forget it.

Some months there will be more work and in other months less, but by having one regular amount it makes it easy for you to budget and easy for us to manage as well.

Getting Your Gorilla Care Plan in place is easy to do and you are in control at all times.

Your Plan Is Unique

Every Gorilla Care Plan is unique. We take the time and trouble to make sure it covers the things that need to be done, it fits with your budget and meets with your approval.

What To Do Next

Give us a call and we will set up a time to come and have a look. We will:

  1. Let you tell us exactly what you would like to achieve
  2. Make suggestions and throw in ideas for you to consider
  3. Itemise one off tasks that need doing
  4. Create a plan to bring the property up to standard
  5. Create a plan to maintain those standards

With all that done, we provide you with your plan for review.

Take Action

To get your no obligation plan underway, give us a call on 01395 20 22 18